I’m Not Chicken, I’m Just Yella!

January 30, 2009
Coleman Under The Lights

Coleman Under The Lights

As Coleman works his way through his little life there will be times on playgrounds when he’ll run into bullies. Often those bullies will simply use their words, trying to taunt Cole into doing things he otherwise would not have done.

This is a lesson he’s learning early in his life. Just this morning the doctor came in to let us know that last night in the nursery, the other kids were starting to call Coleman “yellow.”  He was getting a little jaundiced and had a bilirubin score of 15.

Now your average kid would take being called yellow as an insult; a question of their courage. But not The Cole Man! The buzz around the postpartum wing is that Cole sat up, looked the other babies in their semi-opened eyes and said, “Hey! I’m not chicken, I’m just yella!” (or at least that’s the way we heard it).

The doctors and nurses were so proud of his fine example that they are going to let him stay an extra day under the lights at the hospital nursery. I always hoped I’d have a son who someday got to “play under the lights” I just never expected it this early.  We’re so proud of him!



  1. Jason, You continue to astonish me. Logan was a little Yella too. He looks strong and he I am sure will grow up with his daddys words and be the best at whatever he does!

  2. I had a couple of kids who got to bask under the bili-lights. Kind of looks like they are sunning at the beach with big googly sunglasses. Isn’t it amazing how something as simple as light can fix this potentially serious problem.

    Congratulations to the proud parents!

  3. Look at those cool shades! Tell Cole Yella is the Pantone color of the year, so it just makes him more hip.

    It is so easy to worry yourself sick and/or freak out when it’s your child. I’m proud of you for taking this in stride, and with your usual good humor. Attitude, Jason, not the ice cream.

  4. My Gregory was a yella babe too 🙂 I love your attitude about life Jason. You and Kolette amaze me. Coleman is a very fortunate little boy. Very blessed indeed.

  5. Sometimes the silver lining with an extra day is more help from hospital staff to build your confidence. Enjoy Cole’s time “at the beach” and all the support that comes your way. Once you’re home… you’ll wish you had that someone to ask!

  6. I am seriously smiling at the computer. You are too cute Jason; no wonder Kolette keeps you around! lol. Thanks for keeping us updated!

  7. Good for Cole!! I was jaundiced as a baby, too. I was only 2 weeks early 🙂 Maybe it is common with early babies. Nothing wrong with an extra day or 2 in the hospital!!

    He is really adorable. Congratulations to you and your wife.

  8. Oh well I believe this is so common for babies sometimes. It is better to know before you leave the hospital and wow, I mean so early and just this happening is great! He is a fighter like his dad!
    Good Genes already. YIPPEE!!!!!

    Congrads, so very happy for you both. Kolette after giving birth looks astonishing! Go Kolette!!!!

  9. My Cole had jaundice too. His bilirubin score was a 19 – a few days under the lights and he was dandy! Ready to go home and party!!! Just keep momma happy & laughing – this time was very difficult for me. I was so worried about Coley it was really upsetting me and I didn’t even know it until I was bawling!! It can be as stressful of a time as it is beautiful. Sounds like you’re doing ALL the right things – as usual, keep up the good work!

  10. LOL!! You have such a wonderful sense of humor! The Cole man is adorable…and with so many of us watching him, he’ll definitely be ‘under the lights’!
    Hope you’re both getting plenty of rest.

  11. Jason- I have missed you. It is 1:30am and I can’t sleep. I am sitting in my office laughing at my computer. I hope I don’t wake anyone up. That Cole is going to have a fun life…lots of laughter!!

  12. Jason, I am glad that I found you on facebook. Congrats on your new addition! My parents will be thrilled to hear your great news. I am so happy for you and Kolette! Little Cole is blessed to have you guys as parents. I have enjoyed reading this blog about your journey into fatherhood. You are a wonderful writer and I have been humbled by your experiences. My husband is an OB/GYN and I read him parts of your blog entries. We both were quite amazed by and excited about your miracle baby. I couldn’t be happier for you! Have fun with your adorable little one!

  13. He’s absolutely adorable! And he’s not yellow – he’s just gotten a nice tan while sunbathing. Kolette looks marvelous! Tell her to enjoy just being able to lay in bed for an extra day. She’ll be thankful for that extra rest once you guys are “on your own.”

  14. I can tell by your calm in this that you do realize that he’s just fine. It’s not only ‘early’ babies who get a little Yella, my full term (to the exact day!) baby had it and my 3 week early one did not. I followed this from the scrapbooking world with Kolette and am so blessed to have gotten to “know” you both just a little bit better.

  15. Jason – with an attitude like that – you are going to be an amazing father – taking it in stride and not letting it get to you – that’s what it is all about. I had a couple of Yella kids too – and they are now much much older – and have the ability to make me yella with their antics…so watch out…..

  16. Even yella he is still one cute baby! He’s so round and perfect! Both of my sons were jaundiced. One was sent home and sat in a sunny window (naked) for a couple of days and the other spent a couple of days on a biliblanket. I think I would have preferred the extra day in the hospital so I wouldn’t have had to take my little one back and forth to the hospital each day for a bili check. Hang tough and enjoy your baby!

  17. never quite heard it put that way—I love it and your outlook on life. Be ready for many an adventure with this roller coaster you just got on–never a dull moment with kids–not that your lives have been dull up to this moment….HMMM actually it might seem dull in comparison..but delightful and emotional and frustrating….I am getting ahead of myself–must be because i am dealing with that teenage stage–but even on the worst days i wiil say WORTH IT!!!

  18. With you and Kolette as parents this kid is already a winner in life. I had a daughter that was a little yella for a whole week and don’t you know she let the entire nursery/maternity wing know she was not a happy camper. You could hear that kid bawling as soon as the elevator doors opened. Now, 17 years later you can barely get a word out of her!

  19. Jason, you always have a great, positive attitude about life! Little Cole is sooo lucky…

  20. As soon as I got home from work I checked out your blog. Thank you so much for such great days at work. It was so fun getting to know you guys. You have such a cute boy! Have fun with your new family! Best of wishes!

  21. I’m so happy for both of you and your family. You are such an inspiration to me. Your stories always bring me joy and much love. High five to Cole!
    Much , much love,

  22. Jason and Kolette…

    Your little Cole is so adorable and such a champ already! I can see he will have great things ahead of him in the future!

    Enjoy your precious new baby…time does go by too fast! I have five kids of my own and am still trying to figure out how all of a sudden I am a mom to a freshmen in high school! lol

    Thanks for being such an inspiration to so many of us! May God continue to bless the Hall family!


  23. He’s a keeper! Congratulations to you two! What a handsome addition to your family.

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