Day 1: The Adventure Begins

February 1, 2009
Coleman J. Ready for Transport

Coleman J. Ready for Transport

With his bilirubin levels down the doctor finally gave us the green light to bring Coleman home. He no longer needed to be under the three lights at the hospital, a “blanket light” would be sufficient, and that type of light could be operated at home.

I was excited because the trips to the hospital were finally over. Kolette was excited because she’d finally be back in her own bed. Coleman, a little unsure about whether his new parents knew the first thing about what they were doing, was a little pensive. But, permission was given and, ready or not, away we went. We loaded Cole in his car seat and the three of us went on our first family trip.

The Trip Home

The Trip Home

As you can imagine, once at home there was a lot of stuff to organize and put away. When you get home from the hospital not only do you have to take care of all the stuff you took with you, you also have to worry about all the stuff you accumulated while you were there–and for this kid that filled two cars. Kolette was therefore grateful to have her mother meet us at the house knowing that she could help Ko get her arms around this big project.

Grandma & Grandpa Coleman Packing Cole's Stuff Home

Grandma & Grandpa Coleman Packing Cole's Stuff Home

We arrived home, came in the doors, made sure Coleman was comfortable and began “Operation Organize.” (You have to remember that when we went to the hospital on Monday we thought we still had three weeks to get everything prepared.) Needless to say, there was lots to do.

After about three hours of heavy cleanup, substantial arrangement and the ordering of a pizza, the phone rang. Kolette answered the phone in her standard cheery demeanor. On the other end of the line was the local pharmacy. They called us asking if we still wanted the billilight blanket the doctor ordered. I was sitting close enough to Kolette that I too could hear what the person on the line was asking. Immediately, Ko and I looked at each laughing and horrified all at the same time.

At the hospital, we were instructed that our first item of business at home needed to be acquiring the billilight and getting Cole on that light as soon as possible. We’d gotten so wrapped up in putting things away that it almost 5 hours since Coleman was last “under the lights.”

We told the pharmacy we did in fact want the light  and we wanted it ASAP. 15 minutes later the light was in our house and we were working on getting it in Cole’s crib. When we lifted him out of his bassinet we realized he was wet. In fact, he was more than just wet, he was soaked–another thing we’d forgotten our responsibility to follow up on.

Being the trooper Coleman is, he didn’t make a sound or report us to Child Protective Services. Later that night, as we lay in bed Coleman did began to cry. At first, we thought it was just payback, but as he continued crying it was clear there was something more behind it.
Even as new parents we knew there was going to be a lot of crying when we got him home, and we knew it was best not to pick the baby up every time he made a sound. So, we stayed in bed listening as he would cry, then calm himself down, only to begin crying again. About an hour and a half in, and a 30 minutes before his feeding was actually scheduled, Kolette finally decided to see if he might just be hungry again. The minute she began feeding him, the crying stopped. And not just for little while, but the whole night.

So, in his first night home we forgot his billilight, made him lay in a wet diaper, and starved him until his face was red from crying. I’m sure Coleman is wondering if it’s possible to get back in the womb, and if so how quickly he can make that happen.

Oh well… Never a dull moment!


Cole's First Line of Defense - His Dad

Cole's First Line of Defense - His Dad


  1. And so the adventure begins! lol
    So glad everything is okay with Cole!

  2. Aaahhhhh…welcome to parenthood! Just wait till Coleman is a teenager — if you think you’re making mistakes now! 😉 lol

    Kidding aside, I think Coleman is one of the luckiest babies around to have the parents he has. Enjoy!

  3. Ah you’ll be into the swing of it in no time – so much fun. So glad the bilirubin levels are down, so nice to have them at home.
    God Bless

  4. It seemed like my babies were always hungry in the beginning, esp. my son. He could never wait till the “scheduled” time, so for my sanity and his; the schedule went out the window till he got a little older.
    Coleman is really a gorgeous baby! I’m glad you are all home together.

  5. Jason and Kolette,
    That is one beautiful baby! Not just lip service, he really is gorgeous! Do they come out prettier when you go through a lot to get them? Here’s to you and your little family!

  6. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL boy. So happy for you two–my body is a’tingle with the news and the thoughts of the adventure you’re embarking on — together. A family.

  7. Congrats again on such a beautiful baby! So glad that he is home now. It’s great to hear your funny stories–even after having 5 babies I still forget to do lots of things 🙂

    I really like that you named him Coleman after Kolette’s maiden name. And it’s pretty cool to see who her dad is as well 🙂

  8. You guys are doing great! Just hang in there! Congrats on getting everyone home and on the road to routine!

  9. It sounds like you’re doing fine! We didn’t have our twins home 2 minutes when they’d both wet through their clothes, the sheets, the blankets and the wall behind the crib! I remember my husband and I looking at each other and saying “we’re alone with them! why did they ever let us leave the hospital?”

    Love the photos! XX’s

  10. You gotta write a book, I love reading your blog,I love your outlook on life,

  11. Hang in there…it gets easier! I loved how cute my little one looked on that biliblanket. I thought he looked just like the old glow worm dolls!

  12. Welcome to Parenthood! this is so typical for trial and errors as you both know! I am just so proud of you both and tickled pink as you get the moment to endure this adventure! It takes some weeks(days) for everyone to adjust and get used to everyone!
    Hey by the way, did cole come out screaming or quiet?
    Well, my daughter came out quiet, my son came out screaming, and our other son came out quiet.
    It is quite the funny of what they are thinking about how quite safe they are in the womb but, then He knows you are his parents and loves, trusts you ever so!
    You will be awesome parents!

    have a great time and Many Blessings your way!

  13. Love the Coleman and Jason blog… and boy did you bring back the memories… my “baby” is 18 now .. but we had some similar mishaps in the beginning .. the answer to everything .. is ….YJKT





  14. You can never spoil a baby this young. Enjoy!

  15. Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful son! You are now part of a whole new world of experiences. I am so happy for you.


    *Intuition – this is important, you will know your children better than anyone else.

    *Sleep – Other than caring for the baby, getting sleep is your most important accomplishment in the beginning.

    *Crying-An incredible tool for comfort analysis. Uncomfortable babies cry. Happy babies forgot that they were ever crying (I can’t verify that)

    I have enjoyed a book by Dr. Sears, but I can’t recall the name now.

    Enjoy this time, it goes so fast!

    Hugs & Prayers!

  16. You have such a great way of documenting things! And you have one gorgeous little boy there. 🙂

  17. Congratulations on your new little son! I was so excited when I learned that you were going to have a baby. I have taken classes from Kolette several times at CKU (in Anaheim), and then in 2005 you were there to help her out, keep her company, etc… I was also a TA for her at CKU one time down in Provo.
    As I looked at your pictures, I saw the one of Kolette’s parents, and I thought to myself, “Is that Elder Coleman?” I worked in the central office several years back before my children were born. He was also working for CES at the time. (I worked in Physical Facilities and Real Estate.) He is such a nice man. I feel like I have a little connection to your family now through our CES family.
    Once again, congratulations on Cole’s safe arrival!
    Kathryn Whittaker

  18. Certainly not the first and absolutely NOT the last piece of unsolicited advice from you’ll get those of us out here in the “peanut gallery” but I HAVE to give it….IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO SPOIL A NEWBORN BABY!!!! If he’s crying, please pick him up!

    Lots of love and well wishes to you all!

  19. That bottom photo look like you’re posing for the Heisman Fatherhood Trophy…
    “Go long, Kolette!” (heh)

  20. Don’t worry, Michelle – we do pick him up! This baby is already well-loved…even when he wants to cry. We can’t help showering this little guy with all the love we have in our hearts. Thanks for the tips everyone!

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