February 7, 2009


It seems that everywhere I look someone is talking about change. It is been a huge part of the political scene. Obama won the election largely because people believed in his motto–Change. Across America people wanted change and believed he could deliver. There’s talk of change in the economy. Things are down and everyone wants that to improve. In matters of state, our troops are out and regardless of which side of the aisle you call home, everyone is hopeful for a peaceful resolution and change in the tempers of the Middle East.

Although I share the desire for change globally, locally it is a different matter altogether. Working from home has afforded me a great many opportunities. One of which has been the chance to spend the last week relishing my baby boy. Most men get their newborn home and then it’s back off to work. At work all they think about is this new precious boy waiting for them at home.

Realizing this hasn’t been my most productive week professionally, it’s been a week I wouldn’t change for the world. I have loved every moment I’ve spent holding, kissing, talking to and looking at Coleman. I understand that eventually (sadly, sooner rather than later) I’m going to have to get back on the stick and concentrate on work as much as I did prior to Cole’s birth. But today my time and energy is focused on Coleman, and I would love it if that never had to change.

Also, as I look at him now he’s innocent and perfect. That too I don’t want to change. I know the difficulty and struggle that awaits him out in the world. I know there will be times when his body will be damaged and his heart will be broken. Even though I understand that those things will teach him lessons he needs to learn in his life, my initial instinct is to protect him and keep him safe. Today, I can hold him in my arms and keep all that is evil and harmful away, and I don’t want that to change.

So let the politicians cry for change. Let Wall Street pray for change. Let Main Street hope for change. Me, I’ll enjoy things just the way they are today. I’m going to savor every precious moment, I have with my boy. I’m going to hold him in my arms, enjoy today and worry about tomorrow some other time.



  1. You are already sounding like you’ve been a father all your life.

    Yes, Jason, relish and enjoy these moments – they are pure magic.

    You will find, when you get back on the stick, that you will do so with a whole new perspective. You will be doing it for a higher reason, and that will help ease the ache and guilt from the time spent apart. It’s taht paradigm shift in action.

    And, yes. You want to protect and shelter. That will never change. And you will watch life happen to Cole with a mixture of pain and pride – pain that you can’t prevent nor ease all the hurts, and pride in watching the seeds of what you plant today grow into a young man who has learned to weather the storms.

  2. that is beautiful and well put–change IS hard–and it comes faster than we think or want it too. You have the right attitude to cherish those moments because they are fleeting….

  3. Coleman is a beautiful baby boy and he has the best parents. Isn`t exiting that he is born into this changing times? I am making an extra journal this year for the new baby boy our family is expecting in May. I want to be able to tell him what 2009 was all about. And who knows where it will take us…

  4. What a beautiful baby!

  5. Yes, Jason, hang on to every minute you can. Change WILL come whether we want it or not and time flies. You blink and they are one. You blink again and they are 10. You are sounding like a good dad does. Hang on tight and revel in every moment.

  6. I remember sometime after I had met you and Kolette at CKU-A Stamford I visited the Memories Complete site and there was a picture of you with a little , a niece maybe? I remember wishing you could be a dad when I saw that picture, because you would be an awesome dad. I knew you and Kolette had your reasons for choosing not to have children at that time, but I still wished. And somehow along the way there were changes, and the changes were good. And now the awesome dadness begins.

    Hugs to all of you,


  7. Wow, he sure is such a beautiful baby boy! Just look at how he has changed from when you first had him(or kolette) well you played a big role.:)
    Ok, well I was thinking your post was going to be about how he changed, as he has huh?

    Just look at his facial features, he is so pure and beautiful! they really start changing from just brand new new newborn, 1st dayish stage huh?
    P.s. I wouldn’t want anything to change you either. Too bad they can’t stand babies forever! I too think of when our 3 were little and the good and yucky stuff they didn’t know and how we both were going to try our hardest to make everything known to them but, protect, nurture, and keep them safe as we could.
    you are doing a wonderful job! It is such a pleasure going on this ride with you all. YIPPEE!!!!

  8. Good for You! Enjoy every minute of it – you’ll blink soon and he will be grown up. I know from experience.
    Congrats to you and your wife!

  9. What a true statement – these little ones grow up way too fast and I always wished that I could protect them forever, but also understand the importance of growth in their whole being as they get older and venture out – but there is nothing as wonderful as a having a new baby in the house, the feeling of overwhelming joy and the need to protect them forever. Enjoy the moment!!

  10. Wouldn’t life be boring if nothing ever changed?

    Having said that, as a mother of 3, I could certainly have been convinced otherwise when my babies were as innocent and pure as Coleman.

    Although you have everything in perspective, Coleman will “change” how you think, act, listen, express, love and hope. Those are the good changes that we all need to grow and move forward.

    You have ‘changed’ how I view my world and I am grateful every day for modern technology and the privilege of being allowed to share your life with Kolette and Coleman.

    Thank you Jason.

  11. Cole is just gorgeous!

  12. Whata great Dad you are. Enjoy all these precious moments. Yes Cole will have difficulties and struggles just like everyone but he as the most amazing parents to help guide him and shape how he handles those challenges. Amy

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