Continued…and Done

February 11, 2009

I realized that in the middle of posting The Cole Creation, Cole came. In an effort to allow anyone who wants to to read the story in its entirety, I’ve posted it on its own page that will remain a permanent part of the blog. If you’d like to you can read it here.

(For those of you who were following along, the new stuff begins with Part IV. If you were reading along as I posted and want to start where you left off that’s where you should begin. If you want to just up and read the whole thing because Cole is so compelling, well then go ahead and start at the beginning.)



  1. 8lbs, 20 inches and 3 weeks early??? YIKES! He’s beautiful!!!

  2. Jason and Kolette, I have spent the last hour catching up with your story. I think I have read everything I could find. I happened upon it from Roman’s facebook page. I had no idea your lives have had this amazing turn in the chapter of miracles. The emtions are bursting–joy for you, gratitude to the God that made it happen, and longing to be there to help lift the load. A whole new adventure for the Halls. I love it! I’m extremely happy for you! Everyday from here on out will be wonderful with Cole. Watching him grow is like realiving your own childhood. A baby changes everything, truly. Much love–Michelle

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