The Boppy: A Quadriplegic Father’s Best Friend

March 4, 2009

As Kolette and I prepared for Cole’s birth one of the things we made sure to do was put together a baby registry or her upcoming showers. We thought long and hard to make sure that the things required would be on the registry. Kolette asked a number of experienced mothers think they would put on their registry.

Obviously, at the baby showers we received a number of things we didn’t register for. For the most part, when we did receive something that wasn’t on the registry, it was additional clothing. But, at one of the showers my cousins gave us a Boppy.

A Boppy looks like a giant horseshoe pillow made of the softest fabric. Its primary design is to help nursing mothers position their child. We had planned to have Kolette nurse, and were therefore grateful for the gift.

Not long after Coleman came home from the hospital, we collectively decided that breast-feeding wasn’t the right option for us. This made a number of things that we had received at the showers now unnecessary. Things like a breast pump and nursing bras now had no use to us. We were sure that the Boppy would be similarly obsolete.

Then, one day as I was trying to feed Cole, working hard to keep his head up in the crook of my arm and the bottle in his mouth, Kolette came up with a brilliant idea. She went and grabbed the Boppy, fit it around my waist, and slid Cole into place.

Bottle Nest

Boppy Nest Feed - Sitting Up

It was perfect. It was as if the Boppy had been made especially for the two of us. All the sudden I could not only feed him more easily, but also more often. The Boppy made it possible for me to hold him, hold a bottle, and interact with him all at the same time.

After a few feedings, I watched Kolette hold Coleman over her arm and burp him. I paid particular attention to how she was holding him and after his next feeding asked Kolette to throw him over my arm that I might try to burp him as well. Before the Boppy, this would have been impossible. Yet, with the Boppy I was able to balance Cole in such a way that he was safe and I could help.

Boppy Burping

But hold truebeliever, there’s more! A few days later Cole was a little fussy. I was laying in bed and so Kolette had to try her best to comfort him on her own. Just then, we looked to each other, and it was as if our eyes said in unison, “Boppy!”

She grabbed the Boppy and, placed Coleman in it on my lap. Once he was in it I was able to grab the sides and move them up and down keeping him completely entertained. Being a guy myself I thought my little guy would think the whole process more entertaining with the help of a soundtrack. As we moved up and down I made this sounds of a spaceship flying through the air. Now, at night when I lay down whether he’s fussy or not, I always look forward to playing “rocket ship” with my little boy.

Boppy Rocket Ship

That night, when Cole woke up for his 3 AM feeding Kolette grabbed the Boppy, and figured that if it worked in my chair, it would work in bed. That was my first three clock feeding.

These little discoveries had a big impact on our little family. All of the sudden, with the Boppy’s assistance, I was able to help in so many ways that I couldn’t have before. I’m able to be a bigger part of his life because of our discovery. I’m able to help ease Kolette’s burden because of this little device.

But, even more than that, the Boppy means I get more time with my boy. And right now there are few commodities more precious than that. There’s little question that today the Boppy is this quadriplegic’s best friend.


And, because like any proud papa I’m quite sure I have the most handsome boy in all the land–here are some additional pictures for your oooing and aaahing pleasure.




  1. This is so neat. How wonderful that you are able to use the Boppy to give you more time with Coleman and be able to help with him more. I’m so happy this worked out. Coleman is a beautiful baby.

  2. Oooing and ahhhing with great pleasure! So grateful you are sharing this magical time of your lives with us!

  3. That little man just gets cuter every day!! And, hooray for the Boppy!!! How wonderful for both of you, that you are able to hold and feed your son!

  4. He’s absolutely gorgeous!

  5. It is an amazing feeling connecting to children. I am so happy that you can bond hte way you are. Cole is going to grow up feeling your love.

  6. WOW! That is totally amazing. Coleman is one cute kid. It is great to see that you can hold and feed him with the help of the boppy.

  7. He is beautiful and wow would have never thought to use that – but wow!!!
    He is filling out and getting bigger – how fast they grow.

  8. I had every faith that, as you do everything in life, you find a way that works! That boppy is an amazing invention! I love the little smile/smirk on Cole’s face in the last picture — kinda saying, “Ha, my dad is the bestest dad in the world…and I’m so happy just lounging around here with him!”

    Your stories make my heart smile!

  9. I love my Boppy. We have had one for almost 5 years and they have not changed to design since it debuted not long before that. I love that I can sit and snuggle the baby without my arms falling asleep from their weight. Also, I love that I can have more than one cover so it stays clean. Glad to hear about how it has improved your parenting experience!


  10. THAT’S AWESOME! What a cool discovery.

  11. So happy for you guys! Thrilled that you are able to snuggle with your very adorable son more too…and feeding time is so special; I’m glad you can now do that with ease. You amaze me with your wit and ingenuity. You are constantly searching for new ways to do things. You do not give up, you get creative. You are amazing!

  12. So glad you are able to take such a big part in Coleman’s life. Knowing you, I knew you’d find a way!

  13. He’s beautiful! I’m so happy for you and Kolette. I had the opportunity to meet the two of you last year at the Creative Escape and have taken two classes of Kolette. As a mother of four including (twins), a child is a precious gift from God. Enjoy this wonderful gift and time together as a family. God Bless!

  14. What a wonderful discovery for you! The Boppy has been my best friend with all 5 of my kids. And when any new mother asks me what an essential item is for a new baby–A Boppy! is my reply. So glad you had a friend with the same knowledge. Enjoy!

  15. You two just manage to figure stuff out. It’s great to see how a bit of creativity can make great changes happen.

  16. Wow, Jason, something so simple as a gift, was such a bigger gift to you! That is terrific!
    I am happy when things work out for you!
    And of coarse he is surely such a doll baby!
    He looks so healthy and his coloring is beautiful!

  17. Your little man is DEFINITELY oooh and aaah worthy – SO adorable! Thanks for sharing him with us!

  18. Hola, llegue a esta pagina buscando informacion de Boppy. Me encanta este articulo y felicito a los padres por haber tenido la oportunidad de su vida, tener a su hijo entre sus brazos.
    from Puerto Rico, with love

  19. what a real cutie,
    i am so happy for you 3 🙂
    i am an icu nurse and had the honour of nursing my dear friend Shane when he first had his accident and became a mute quadriplegic, his injury was between c1 and his skull, hence the name of his web site “higher than superman”
    anyway we are very close despite the 18yr age gap (in my favour, he is 25 and im 42) we have been discussing having a child which i dont see a problem with , but he is having a wobble in that he is not convinced that he will be able to offer much in the way of being a Dad, he an awesome guy and has given me and many others so much in so many ways , and he cant see what we see, i think he would be an awesome Dad, would appreciate your input here , someone else needs to tell this fantastic man that his kids will adore him .
    thanks for sharing

  20. What a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story with us!

  21. AWW such a cute baby … BLESS YA …

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