Gettin’ Down

March 18, 2009

I realize that every parent believes and sets forth that their child is far and away more gifted than any other. I also understand that as Coleman’s dad I’m going to be a little biased.

But, watch the following video and tell me if he’s not exceptional for his age. (I mean, how many seven-week olds can get down like that–and with the governor of Alaska no less.)


If you want to show yourself with similar talent just go to jibjab.com. You’ll have a blast!



  1. Wow!! He IS exceptional!!! lol

  2. His dancing is amazing! His clothing choice maybe not so much!

  3. WOW!! He is amazing and SO talented! Gotta love the polyester pants!!

  4. \It kinda looks like Cole is sporting some facial hair….so mature for such a young one–even his choice in dance partners!

  5. I LOVE JibJab! Have fun with the silliness…. goes with your recent blog about having chores!

    thanks for the smiles,

    Blessings, Chris

  6. Thanks for the great idea. I wasted a whole afternoon. Here are mine – mikeandmichelleandclan.blogspot.com

  7. So cute, one of my friends from high school started jibjab with his brother and I always get a little thrill whenever I see someone use it. Awesome!

  8. oh what a dancer you have there! He will be ready for the prom at a moments notice! Isn’t it amazing how fast they change and grow? you really focus on that more when it is your child huh?
    He is so sweet and adorable.

    I told Kolette on her blog, that I am doing a goody bag for Cole, I promise I will have it sent when I am done soon. (before graduation) LOL

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