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The Simple Life

April 28, 2009
What a Smile!

What a Smile!

When you talk about people out there living the good life, Coleman J. Hall is at the top of the list.

Every morning a beautiful maiden comes to get him out of bed. That same earthly Goddess dresses and feeds him. She makes sure that he doesn’t have too much gas or too little nutrients. He naps constantly throughout the day, seemingly without a care in the world. At night this modern-day Venus bathes him, dresses him in his sleeping attire and holds him close, rocking him until he falls asleep.

Should he need something during the night all he has to do is simply call, and help will come. It’s like 24-hour room service. What’s more, is the whole thing begins again on the following day.

However, I’ve learned something watching Cole living the good life. As long as he’s fed, clothed, warm, with a place to sleep, a roof over his head and surrounded with love he’s happy. He doesn’t seem to care how fancy his bed is, he simply wants a bed. It doesn’t seem to matter much if the clothes he wears are name brand or not, he just wants something to keep him warm.

The make and model of his stroller has never been brought up even once. The same goes for his car seat and his toys. His standards are fairly loose when it comes to food. I’ve tasted the formula he eats and let’s just say it’s not filet mignon.

But, he’s happy.

Obviously, we all can’t live the same way Cole does. We can’t all exist literally without a care in the world. But, his way of life is a powerful example that teaches an important lesson (especially in today’s world with its accompanying uncertain economy).

It shouldn’t take much for us to find real, lasting happiness.

If we have a roof over our head, clothes to wear, food to eat and people who love us, we have more than enough to fill our lives with joy. We need to stop worrying about which name brands we have or what toys we don’t. We need to stop being frustrated that the raises in our paychecks aren’t as high as they have been in the past, and start being glad we have a job at all.

We have to stop believing that we can find happiness by keeping up with the Joneses. Coleman doesn’t even know who the Joneses are. We have to quit competing with others lives and start reveling in our own. We have to quit worrying about stuff and start concentrating on experiences. For, when we die the stuff stays here and the experiences come with us.

So, next time you feel a little down, remember Cole. And, if you’re eating, sleeping, bathing, loved, and not forced to spend an extended amount of time in a poopy diaper–find a way to smile. Find a way to be happy for the simple precious things. Find a way to enjoy the simple life.



Breach of Contract

April 17, 2009

Since the day Cole was born I’ve been doing my best to help out around the house. One of the things that I’ve become particularly adept at is feeding and burping. In fact, if you’ve read the last post you know we’ve had some issues in that area as of late.

However, through it all, I felt like Cole and I had an understanding. I would feed and burp him as long as he didn’t spit up on me. We came to this understanding minutes after his birth. I told him that it wasn’t that he couldn’t ever spit up, it was just that he couldn’t spit up on me.

I tried to get Kolette in the deal but Cole said he couldn’t agree to both of us. Which explains why I cut bait and left Kolette to fend for herself.

Cole has done great in keeping to his part of the bargain. Nearly 12 weeks into his life all was going to plan just the way we’d agreed on. Ko was getting spit up on all the time, but I was clean.

I foolishly took this to mean that Cole was a man of his word and began to rub it in every time he spat up on Kolette. Often, he would spit up on her and she would ask, “How come you never spit up on daddy?” Smiling to myself, I would laugh and point and chuckle knowing that it was all because of our deal that was firmly in place.

Then, earlier today things changed. I don’t know if Kolette found out about our deal and was able to negotiate a better one, or if Cole just decided to back out of his agreement with me altogether. But, this morning as I held Cole burping him according to his wishes, about 4 gallons of formula came spewing out all over my arm and sweater. Seriously! I might as well have bathed in the stuff.

Of course he was smiling and cooing all over the place. Proud that his belly was empty showing absolutely no remorse with regard to reneging on our deal.

So, back to the drawing board. Cole and I are scheduled to meet later on this week and discuss his breach of contract. Hopefully we’ll be able to come to some kind of agreement and I’ll be back in his good graces–out of the spit up, clean and pure. Until then, all bets are off.


Coleman and I hammering out the details on our new deal.

Coleman and I hammering out the details on our new deal.

Cole Signs!

Cole Signs!


Hail Caesar!

April 14, 2009
Our Little Ceasar

Our Little Ceasar

Cole is making sure that everyone clearly understands his little place in this big world (or from Cole’s perspective in his big place in this little world). Not only does he expect us to get him up when he cries, feed him on demand, and change his diapers–it’s now extended into burping.

It was bad enough when he expected us to burp him. I understand that there are a great many things people need help with in this world but it seemed like a body ought to be able to burp himself. But, not Cole. After he eats he expects us to actually pat him on the back until the burp comes out of its own accord. He simply won’t expend the energy to get a burp out by himself.

I feel like we were pretty understanding to do our part when this was asked of us,  as we have burped him every single time he’s eaten from the day he was born. But now, things have gotten out of control.

Not only does he want to be burped, but he expects to lay in a position befitting someone of his high rank and status. As you can see from the picture our little Caesar expects to be treated as the Emperor he is in every way.

As one of his servants I have to wonder where does this stop. Next he’ll be asking to be fanned with palm fronds and fed puréed grapes.

But, like the Scripture says……”Render unto Caesar.”



All Jacked Up!

April 9, 2009
The Adventure Begins!

The Adventure Begins!

Mornings are the best! While my aide is getting me up, Kolette is getting Cole up. Which means by the time I’m up and at ’em, Cole’s usually fed and chillin’ with Ko. This is far and away his most docile time. He’s smiling and cooing with his eyes wide open ready for any interaction.

After he’s fed, Kolette changes his diaper and then leaves him on the changing table for me to play with. This is my time with my little guy. I’m able to lay my head next in his and we talk about the important items of the day. He smiles at me and I sing to him (I’m teaching him Johnny Cash and he’s loving it) We have a great time!

The other day in the middle of all this frivolity I started asking him some questions just to see what kind of response I could get.

This was a blast!

When I would ask them questions like, “Are you resting buddy?” or “Is Coleman so tired?” In a calm and peaceful voice she would just lay there barely moving at all.

Then, I tried to see if I can get the opposite reaction.

I told him the story of an imaginary adventure he’d supposedly had and then began to ask him questions about that adventure. All fast and furious I started asking him questions like, “Then where’d you go?” and “Did you run really fast?” or “Over there? Over there?” His arms and legs couldn’t have moved up and down any faster.

The more excited I got, the more his arms and legs flew around. He was so amped up, if I didn’t know any better I would’ve thought he would’ve flown away.

It was so much fun that now it’s something we do on a regular basis. Cole probably thinks his dad nuts (and odds are good that he’s right). But, one things for sure, I’ll never forget the first day our adventures got Cole so excited he could hardly see straight.

I have never had this much fun doing anything.


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A Wink and a Smile

April 2, 2009
I’m of the attitude that our joyful faces can change the days of the people in our lives.
There it is!

There it is!

Within the last few weeks a wonderful thing has happened at the Hall house–Coleman has begun the beginnings of a smile. It’s amazing the powerful emotions of joy his tiny upturned lips will bring to my heart.

We’re not talking about a full on smile. Were barely talking about a grin. Sometimes you have to look hard to see it, but it’s there. What makes it powerful though, is that it’s real. It’s more than the little responses he used to give because of gas, this is him actually responding and exchanging emotions.

Every time I see his little smile my heart soars. His little response can change my whole day. The changes in his face chase away frustration and bring a wonderful serenity.

But, I’m a believer that smiles can do that. I’m of the attitude that just like Cole’s tiny grin can monumentally change my day, so to our joyful faces can change the days of the people in our lives. As we come in contact with people we can lift their spirits the same way Cole lifts mine with nothing more than a little show of happiness.

In today’s world people see so much around them that is depressing and sad. Often times all they need to chase away the doom and gloom is the evidence of something beautiful and happy. Your smile can be that evidence. Your smile can chase away the darkness and bring on the sun.

Try it today. Remember Cole’s example and work to smile more. But don’t just keep the smile to yourself, be open with your joy, be willing to share your smile. For sometimes, the difference in someone’s day can be little more than a wink and a smile.


There it is again!

There it is again!


17 years ago……

April 1, 2009


Good Evening,

Believe it or not, seventeen years ago today was a big day in the beginnings of my life. Find out why by going here.

Much Love,