About Jason

Jason & Kolette Hall

Jason & Kolette Hall

At 15, a diving accident caused Jason Hall to become a quadriplegic, paralyzed from the chest down. Jason was told that he would never live away from home, never attend college, never marry, and he would not be able to provide for himself or his family.

However, through his own tenacity and lust for life, Jason overcame his disability.  He graduated High School, entered Brigham Young University, where he was elected Student Body President of BYU’s over 22,000 students.  He met and married his wife Kolette, and was recruited for a position at Mutual of New York as an insurance and investment planner.  In his first months there he became one of the youngest members of the Million Dollar Round Table—establishing himself as a part of the top six percent of those in his profession.

Then at 27, tragedy found Jason again.  Traveling on the freeway his front tire exploded, causing a second life-threatening accident.  He was injured so badly that he was hospitalized for 13 months followed by an additional 9 years of therapy, intermittent hospitalization, and over 30 additional surgeries.

Now, finally mended for the most part and working as a professional speaker, Jason begins the most important journey of his life–fatherhood.

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