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The Little Sucker

April 16, 2010

Cole loves many things, but of all the things he loves two that are at the top of his list are being where the action is, and visitors. Cole loves to be where the action is. When people are over, he wants to be around them and watch everything they’re doing, and every time the doorbell rings, this look of complete and utter joy covers Coleman’s face, as he runs to see who has arrived.

So you can imagine how he feels when my aides come over, ring the doorbell, and go back into my room to help me.  He’s so excited, he can hardly stand it, and the guy doesn’t want to miss a minute.

So any morning, or evening, the situation permits, there’s Cole—right in the middle of everything.  It’s been this way since he could crawl.  He plays in the bed, sits on my lap, and breaks my razor (the little turkey).

But, Cole’s favorite time is when I take my meds.  Every morning, and every night, I take my pills, and wash them down with a little Sprite.  Then, just like dad, Coleman gets a sip of Sprite too.

At first, it was just about trying to get the giant straw in his mouth like.  Then, it became all about having the straw in his mouth like I did.  But now, after a lot of work and patience, he’s figured out how to get himself a little taste of Sprite.

Now, he can’t do it all in one big suck.  So, he puts his little lips around that big ol’ straw, and the little sucker just sucks, sucks, and sucks, over and over, until the wonderful combination of carbonation, water, and sugar reaches his mouth.

When it does finally gets to him, his eyes water up, and his face looks confused.  Then the sugar waxes, the carbonation wanes, and a grin fills his chubby little face.

It makes me smile just thinking about it.  I love the little sucker!



Don’t Want To Miss a Thing + Winner

November 10, 2009

Our first matter of business is to announce the winner of our giveraway.  The lucky person (chosen randomly) is…………..(drumroll please)………….Trish, who shared a great thought about her Pilates move. You can read her comment here. Congrats Trish.  You win an autographed copy of my DVD plus some great swag from Kolette.

As I read and appreciated everyone’s little ways they find little bits of joy, I was reminded that the only way we see these things is if we pay attention.  We have to watch the things that happen in our lives or we will miss much of the happiness that comes our way.

Coleman is exceptional at this.  He watches everything.  He doesn’t want to miss out on anything, and does everything to make sure that when something happens he’s either a part of it, or is watching others play their part.

He has a constant smile.  I wonder if it’s because he doesn’t let any little gladness slip by.

Your comments and Cole’s resolve have motivated me to refocus and redouble my efforts—‘Cause I don’t want to miss a thing.




Cole’s Cruisin’

October 7, 2009

IMG_0703 Coleman has learned how to crawl.  It’s not the full “on all fours” crawl, but he can military crawl with the best of ’em — and let me tell you, it’s meant big changes at the Hall Home.

We have to keep tabs on him at all times, and all of the sudden chairs are tipped over, blocking routes to dangerous stuff like the stairs and power outlets. Hopefully the order from Target will get here soon with all the wonderful stuff designed to keep him away from those things so we can get our chairs back around the table where they belong — our table just seems so very lonely. I feel like leaving it little notes so it knows it’s not all alone. (Whoa, major tangent)

Anyway, this tab keeping and route blocking is crucial, because he can be in one room one minute and in the next room the other. Sometimes you wonder if he doesn’t break the “Space/Time Continuum”.

This means Dad has to be extra careful.  I can take a few minutes to write a blog post (like this one for example) and before I know it, he will be behind me (like right now for example).  Therefore, anytime I move my chair anywhere, I have to look to make sure he hasn’t quickly and quietly placed himself under my chair to play Mr. Fixit.

Whether it’s forwards or backwards, I have to check prior to going anywhere, for no one wants “squished infant” in their den — it’s so passé, not to mention most likely taboo.

I have been careful and therefore no accidents to report.  But this kid can move. Watching him figure out each new stage of development with his brilliant coach of a mother has truly been one of the joys of my life.

I put together the video below so you can share in our joy.  Make sure to pay attention to the very end when I highlight Cole’s lounging pose (also highlighted in the picture above).  When he does it, he looks like he’s posing for a portrait, or out of some scene in Titanic. Just another one of the things that keep us laughing and loving every moment.



Hail Caesar!

April 14, 2009
Our Little Ceasar

Our Little Ceasar

Cole is making sure that everyone clearly understands his little place in this big world (or from Cole’s perspective in his big place in this little world). Not only does he expect us to get him up when he cries, feed him on demand, and change his diapers–it’s now extended into burping.

It was bad enough when he expected us to burp him. I understand that there are a great many things people need help with in this world but it seemed like a body ought to be able to burp himself. But, not Cole. After he eats he expects us to actually pat him on the back until the burp comes out of its own accord. He simply won’t expend the energy to get a burp out by himself.

I feel like we were pretty understanding to do our part when this was asked of us,  as we have burped him every single time he’s eaten from the day he was born. But now, things have gotten out of control.

Not only does he want to be burped, but he expects to lay in a position befitting someone of his high rank and status. As you can see from the picture our little Caesar expects to be treated as the Emperor he is in every way.

As one of his servants I have to wonder where does this stop. Next he’ll be asking to be fanned with palm fronds and fed puréed grapes.

But, like the Scripture says……”Render unto Caesar.”



All Jacked Up!

April 9, 2009
The Adventure Begins!

The Adventure Begins!

Mornings are the best! While my aide is getting me up, Kolette is getting Cole up. Which means by the time I’m up and at ’em, Cole’s usually fed and chillin’ with Ko. This is far and away his most docile time. He’s smiling and cooing with his eyes wide open ready for any interaction.

After he’s fed, Kolette changes his diaper and then leaves him on the changing table for me to play with. This is my time with my little guy. I’m able to lay my head next in his and we talk about the important items of the day. He smiles at me and I sing to him (I’m teaching him Johnny Cash and he’s loving it) We have a great time!

The other day in the middle of all this frivolity I started asking him some questions just to see what kind of response I could get.

This was a blast!

When I would ask them questions like, “Are you resting buddy?” or “Is Coleman so tired?” In a calm and peaceful voice she would just lay there barely moving at all.

Then, I tried to see if I can get the opposite reaction.

I told him the story of an imaginary adventure he’d supposedly had and then began to ask him questions about that adventure. All fast and furious I started asking him questions like, “Then where’d you go?” and “Did you run really fast?” or “Over there? Over there?” His arms and legs couldn’t have moved up and down any faster.

The more excited I got, the more his arms and legs flew around. He was so amped up, if I didn’t know any better I would’ve thought he would’ve flown away.

It was so much fun that now it’s something we do on a regular basis. Cole probably thinks his dad nuts (and odds are good that he’s right). But, one things for sure, I’ll never forget the first day our adventures got Cole so excited he could hardly see straight.

I have never had this much fun doing anything.


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Gettin’ Down

March 18, 2009

I realize that every parent believes and sets forth that their child is far and away more gifted than any other. I also understand that as Coleman’s dad I’m going to be a little biased.

But, watch the following video and tell me if he’s not exceptional for his age. (I mean, how many seven-week olds can get down like that–and with the governor of Alaska no less.)


If you want to show yourself with similar talent just go to You’ll have a blast!


The First of Many…

February 18, 2009

I know that through the experiences I will have with Cole I will learn some of the great lessons of my life. I know that he’ll give me an insight and perspective into life I’ve never had before. I know that we’ll learn things together that I never would have experienced alone.

The first of these lessons happened just a few days after he was home from the hospital. First off, one has to understand that Cole has been extremely good baby. When we were pregnant everyone warned us of the sleepless nights, and although he definitely doesn’t sleep through the night, the nights have never been sleepless. Coleman has been an excellent sleeper right from the get go. Especially at the beginning when he was a little jaundiced.

However, all of a sudden his excellent sleeping habits stopped. The baby that had barely fussed at all, seemed cranky more and more. We did everything we could think to do without any positive result. We tried to change his feeding schedule, comforted him, held him, rocked him all hoping to find a way to pacify him.

Then, about 36 hours later, we found the answer in his diaper.

The Scene of the Crime

The Scene of the Crime

Kolette and her mom were watching Cole when all of a sudden there was a rumble in Coleman’s pants the likes of which had never been heard before. The sound was familiar, it was the amplitude that caught us off guard. They took him in his room and laid him on the changing table.

When you bring a newborn from the hospital, they tell you that it’s not irregular for them to be a little irregular. In fact, they tell you to expect it. They told us he could go up to 2-3 days without having a bowel movement. So when he didn’t, we didn’t think anything of it.

But, he must’ve been constipated because when they opened the diaper they found things that should never be written about–and it was everywhere.

Just as the diaper was off, true to his masculine roots Cole created a beautiful, magnificent, yellow rainbow. His urine washed over the wall adjacent to his changing table. They looked like Army Rangers working to get to a target area without getting “shot” in the process.

Not only that, but we had had Cole circumcised. This meant that in addition to getting his bottom clean they also had to make sure the stool was cleaned out of his circumcision ring (a new no maintenance procedure that comes off all by itself and gets rid of all the Vaselining). The ring was barely hanging on making it so that the only way to get this accomplished was to hose him down with a little water. So, battling a full diaper, two liquid streams and legs kicking wildly, they laughed and shrieked as they worked to get things all cleaned up. They definitely had their four hands full.

With that mission accomplished, all the sudden our cheerful, calm, docile little boy was back. He’d just been a little unpleasant about being a lot plugged up.

Watching my boy smile and play without a care in the world reminded me of an important lesson. Too often as we work our way through each day we find ourselves in the situation just like Cole’s. We keep things in far too long. After a while, they start to ache and cause us grief. I know that many times in my life I feel like I’ll be better off if I just keep them in.

Cole showed me how it feels to keep things all bottled up, and reminded me how good it can feel to let it all go. I know this lesson is just the first of many.