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Hail Caesar!

April 14, 2009
Our Little Ceasar

Our Little Ceasar

Cole is making sure that everyone clearly understands his little place in this big world (or from Cole’s perspective in his big place in this little world). Not only does he expect us to get him up when he cries, feed him on demand, and change his diapers–it’s now extended into burping.

It was bad enough when he expected us to burp him. I understand that there are a great many things people need help with in this world but it seemed like a body ought to be able to burp himself. But, not Cole. After he eats he expects us to actually pat him on the back until the burp comes out of its own accord. He simply won’t expend the energy to get a burp out by himself.

I feel like we were pretty understanding to do our part when this was asked of us,  as we have burped him every single time he’s eaten from the day he was born. But now, things have gotten out of control.

Not only does he want to be burped, but he expects to lay in a position befitting someone of his high rank and status. As you can see from the picture our little Caesar expects to be treated as the Emperor he is in every way.

As one of his servants I have to wonder where does this stop. Next he’ll be asking to be fanned with palm fronds and fed puréed grapes.

But, like the Scripture says……”Render unto Caesar.”