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All Jacked Up!

April 9, 2009
The Adventure Begins!

The Adventure Begins!

Mornings are the best! While my aide is getting me up, Kolette is getting Cole up. Which means by the time I’m up and at ’em, Cole’s usually fed and chillin’ with Ko. This is far and away his most docile time. He’s smiling and cooing with his eyes wide open ready for any interaction.

After he’s fed, Kolette changes his diaper and then leaves him on the changing table for me to play with. This is my time with my little guy. I’m able to lay my head next in his and we talk about the important items of the day. He smiles at me and I sing to him (I’m teaching him Johnny Cash and he’s loving it) We have a great time!

The other day in the middle of all this frivolity I started asking him some questions just to see what kind of response I could get.

This was a blast!

When I would ask them questions like, “Are you resting buddy?” or “Is Coleman so tired?” In a calm and peaceful voice she would just lay there barely moving at all.

Then, I tried to see if I can get the opposite reaction.

I told him the story of an imaginary adventure he’d supposedly had and then began to ask him questions about that adventure. All fast and furious I started asking him questions like, “Then where’d you go?” and “Did you run really fast?” or “Over there? Over there?” His arms and legs couldn’t have moved up and down any faster.

The more excited I got, the more his arms and legs flew around. He was so amped up, if I didn’t know any better I would’ve thought he would’ve flown away.

It was so much fun that now it’s something we do on a regular basis. Cole probably thinks his dad nuts (and odds are good that he’s right). But, one things for sure, I’ll never forget the first day our adventures got Cole so excited he could hardly see straight.

I have never had this much fun doing anything.


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Continued…and Done

February 11, 2009

I realized that in the middle of posting The Cole Creation, Cole came. In an effort to allow anyone who wants to to read the story in its entirety, I’ve posted it on its own page that will remain a permanent part of the blog. If you’d like to you can read it here.

(For those of you who were following along, the new stuff begins with Part IV. If you were reading along as I posted and want to start where you left off that’s where you should begin. If you want to just up and read the whole thing because Cole is so compelling, well then go ahead and start at the beginning.)



Day 1: The Adventure Begins

February 1, 2009
Coleman J. Ready for Transport

Coleman J. Ready for Transport

With his bilirubin levels down the doctor finally gave us the green light to bring Coleman home. He no longer needed to be under the three lights at the hospital, a “blanket light” would be sufficient, and that type of light could be operated at home.

I was excited because the trips to the hospital were finally over. Kolette was excited because she’d finally be back in her own bed. Coleman, a little unsure about whether his new parents knew the first thing about what they were doing, was a little pensive. But, permission was given and, ready or not, away we went. We loaded Cole in his car seat and the three of us went on our first family trip.

The Trip Home

The Trip Home

As you can imagine, once at home there was a lot of stuff to organize and put away. When you get home from the hospital not only do you have to take care of all the stuff you took with you, you also have to worry about all the stuff you accumulated while you were there–and for this kid that filled two cars. Kolette was therefore grateful to have her mother meet us at the house knowing that she could help Ko get her arms around this big project.

Grandma & Grandpa Coleman Packing Cole's Stuff Home

Grandma & Grandpa Coleman Packing Cole's Stuff Home

We arrived home, came in the doors, made sure Coleman was comfortable and began “Operation Organize.” (You have to remember that when we went to the hospital on Monday we thought we still had three weeks to get everything prepared.) Needless to say, there was lots to do.

After about three hours of heavy cleanup, substantial arrangement and the ordering of a pizza, the phone rang. Kolette answered the phone in her standard cheery demeanor. On the other end of the line was the local pharmacy. They called us asking if we still wanted the billilight blanket the doctor ordered. I was sitting close enough to Kolette that I too could hear what the person on the line was asking. Immediately, Ko and I looked at each laughing and horrified all at the same time.

At the hospital, we were instructed that our first item of business at home needed to be acquiring the billilight and getting Cole on that light as soon as possible. We’d gotten so wrapped up in putting things away that it almost 5 hours since Coleman was last “under the lights.”

We told the pharmacy we did in fact want the light  and we wanted it ASAP. 15 minutes later the light was in our house and we were working on getting it in Cole’s crib. When we lifted him out of his bassinet we realized he was wet. In fact, he was more than just wet, he was soaked–another thing we’d forgotten our responsibility to follow up on.

Being the trooper Coleman is, he didn’t make a sound or report us to Child Protective Services. Later that night, as we lay in bed Coleman did began to cry. At first, we thought it was just payback, but as he continued crying it was clear there was something more behind it.
Even as new parents we knew there was going to be a lot of crying when we got him home, and we knew it was best not to pick the baby up every time he made a sound. So, we stayed in bed listening as he would cry, then calm himself down, only to begin crying again. About an hour and a half in, and a 30 minutes before his feeding was actually scheduled, Kolette finally decided to see if he might just be hungry again. The minute she began feeding him, the crying stopped. And not just for little while, but the whole night.

So, in his first night home we forgot his billilight, made him lay in a wet diaper, and starved him until his face was red from crying. I’m sure Coleman is wondering if it’s possible to get back in the womb, and if so how quickly he can make that happen.

Oh well… Never a dull moment!


Cole's First Line of Defense - His Dad

Cole's First Line of Defense - His Dad


She’s Having A Baby!!!

January 26, 2009

You’ll have to wait for the last chapters of Cole’s Creation, because he’s decided to come 3 weeks early.  Here are some pieces parts of the day as they happened. Thanks for the Love.

I woke up this morning at 5am to Kolette running to the bathroom. Now with Kolette being pregnant, multiple trips to the bathroom have been more standard than not of late. But, this trip had an urgency that I hadn’t seen before. It wasn’t long after that we were pretty sure her water had broken.

My aide got an earlier than usual wake-up call and came over to help me get ready to help Kolette get to the hospital. As we planned for this day we knew that we were going to have to do things different than other couples. But, in true Jason and Kolette fashion we took it up another notch.

Three weeks ago my car was in a minor fender bender. We thought if we took it to the shop this week it would be all fixed and repaired for the “big day.” Initially, when we took the van to the shop we thought we’d be fine getting by without a rental. I work from home and was prepared to spend the next few days at the house.

On Friday, we found out that instead of being finished before the weekend the work on the van wasn’t going to be completed until Monday. This was a little bit of a problem. We were scheduled to go to a childbirth class on Saturday. At first we talked about getting the schedule for the class, choose the critical parts and have Kolette go by herself. Deep in our gut that just didn’t feel right. So we called the place that rents handicap accessible vans to see if by chance we could rent one at the last minute. These places aren’t like your local Hertz. Often, they only have a few vans and getting one on short notice can be difficult.

Luckily, a van was available and we are able to go to class. This meant instead of me driving Kolette to the hospital, she drove me. (Some things change and some things don’t)

By 8:30 AM we were in the Labor and Delivery unit and nurse Jenny gave us a final confirmation that Kolette’s water had indeed broken and Coleman was on his way. They moved this into a delivery suite and got the Pitocin flowing. So now we sit and wait. I’ve got my iPhone, DVDs and laptop; Kolette’s got her books and the soundtrack from “The Holiday”–so we’re all set.

Just waiting for more contractions and an epidural.



Man On The Inside

January 1, 2009

On 11 June 2008, my wife Kolette and I found ourselves huddled around an iPhone in a hallway waiting for Dr. Heiner from the Reproductive Care Center to tell us whether or not our second in vitro procedure had been a success. Just like any other couple waiting for such news our hearts were in our throats and we could hardly breathe. For, unlike many other couples we had waited 16 years to finally have a chance to have a child.

I am a quadriplegic and have been since I was 15. We knew that the prospects of having children were greatly diminished because of my medical condition when we got married. But, what we didn’t know was that five years into marriage I would be involved in a serious car accident. What we never would have dreamed, was that I would be hospitalized for 13 months after the car accident and in and out of the hospital having surgery and therapy for the following 10 years. That’s 11 years altogether.

But there we were waiting. Waiting to find out if the waiting was over. You can imagine the excitement and joy we both felt when Dr. Heiner let us know that Kolette was pregnant. There are people in the world who will tell you the miracles don’t happen. That day proved otherwise, that day proved that miracles are not just remnants of the past but a piece and part of our lives today.

This has been the most rare and incredible event to occur in my life. In so many ways this miracle just should not be. But but that’s why they call them miracles. As a C5-C6 quadriplegic my chances to have children that are genetically mine barely exists at all.

In this blog you’ll find my hopes and dreams along with my doubts and fears. You’ll find laughter and tears. You’ll find things that are funny and things that are sad. You may find things that are little odd and sometimes confusing. You’ll find the ridiculous, the sublime and everything in between. Some of it will be experiences that happen, some will be the feelings of my heart, but it will all be real–my real thoughts and emotions as I begin this next chapter in my life.

From the early days of this pregnancy I have referred to my unborn son (Cole) as, “My man on the inside.” With that in mind, I decided to name the blog “Man On The Inside.” For, here you will not only read what happens as my son and I go through this journey together, but you’ll get a look into my innermost feelings and emotions as well. It will truly be a look inside; inside our relationship and inside me.

So, watch as Cole and I experience this new life together. I’m not exactly sure where this ride will take us, but if we both hold on I know it will be a journey we will never forget.


PS For those of you who enjoy the motivational stories and insights you find on The Champion Inside, don’t worry I’ll still be posting there as well. Just click here or go to