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Cole & the Bead

October 15, 2009


One of the real joys of being a Dad who works for himself from home is that I get to be around to see firsthand all the fun things my boy does during the day. Sometimes they’re big and groundbreaking and sometimes they’re small and funny–but they’re rarely dull and never boring,

Today after breakfast, Coleman was cruising on the floor (if you missed my last post, he does that now) and found one of his beads.  As you can see from the photo above; Cole likes beads.  This was different though.  He was fixated on this particular bead and chased the thing all over the house.

As I watched him move from here to there, I started to hear music in my head. So, I decided to take the video Kolette shot, do some quick editing on iMovie (gotta love the Mac) and share the whole experience with you.



PS: This parenting thing is a kick in the shorts


Cole’s Cruisin’

October 7, 2009

IMG_0703 Coleman has learned how to crawl.  It’s not the full “on all fours” crawl, but he can military crawl with the best of ’em — and let me tell you, it’s meant big changes at the Hall Home.

We have to keep tabs on him at all times, and all of the sudden chairs are tipped over, blocking routes to dangerous stuff like the stairs and power outlets. Hopefully the order from Target will get here soon with all the wonderful stuff designed to keep him away from those things so we can get our chairs back around the table where they belong — our table just seems so very lonely. I feel like leaving it little notes so it knows it’s not all alone. (Whoa, major tangent)

Anyway, this tab keeping and route blocking is crucial, because he can be in one room one minute and in the next room the other. Sometimes you wonder if he doesn’t break the “Space/Time Continuum”.

This means Dad has to be extra careful.  I can take a few minutes to write a blog post (like this one for example) and before I know it, he will be behind me (like right now for example).  Therefore, anytime I move my chair anywhere, I have to look to make sure he hasn’t quickly and quietly placed himself under my chair to play Mr. Fixit.

Whether it’s forwards or backwards, I have to check prior to going anywhere, for no one wants “squished infant” in their den — it’s so passé, not to mention most likely taboo.

I have been careful and therefore no accidents to report.  But this kid can move. Watching him figure out each new stage of development with his brilliant coach of a mother has truly been one of the joys of my life.

I put together the video below so you can share in our joy.  Make sure to pay attention to the very end when I highlight Cole’s lounging pose (also highlighted in the picture above).  When he does it, he looks like he’s posing for a portrait, or out of some scene in Titanic. Just another one of the things that keep us laughing and loving every moment.