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She’s Having A Baby!!!

January 26, 2009

You’ll have to wait for the last chapters of Cole’s Creation, because he’s decided to come 3 weeks early.  Here are some pieces parts of the day as they happened. Thanks for the Love.

I woke up this morning at 5am to Kolette running to the bathroom. Now with Kolette being pregnant, multiple trips to the bathroom have been more standard than not of late. But, this trip had an urgency that I hadn’t seen before. It wasn’t long after that we were pretty sure her water had broken.

My aide got an earlier than usual wake-up call and came over to help me get ready to help Kolette get to the hospital. As we planned for this day we knew that we were going to have to do things different than other couples. But, in true Jason and Kolette fashion we took it up another notch.

Three weeks ago my car was in a minor fender bender. We thought if we took it to the shop this week it would be all fixed and repaired for the “big day.” Initially, when we took the van to the shop we thought we’d be fine getting by without a rental. I work from home and was prepared to spend the next few days at the house.

On Friday, we found out that instead of being finished before the weekend the work on the van wasn’t going to be completed until Monday. This was a little bit of a problem. We were scheduled to go to a childbirth class on Saturday. At first we talked about getting the schedule for the class, choose the critical parts and have Kolette go by herself. Deep in our gut that just didn’t feel right. So we called the place that rents handicap accessible vans to see if by chance we could rent one at the last minute. These places aren’t like your local Hertz. Often, they only have a few vans and getting one on short notice can be difficult.

Luckily, a van was available and we are able to go to class. This meant instead of me driving Kolette to the hospital, she drove me. (Some things change and some things don’t)

By 8:30 AM we were in the Labor and Delivery unit and nurse Jenny gave us a final confirmation that Kolette’s water had indeed broken and Coleman was on his way. They moved this into a delivery suite and got the Pitocin flowing. So now we sit and wait. I’ve got my iPhone, DVDs and laptop; Kolette’s got her books and the soundtrack from “The Holiday”–so we’re all set.

Just waiting for more contractions and an epidural.