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My First Father’s Day

June 21, 2009
My dad "lifted me up" even in my earliest days.

My dad "lifted me up" even in my earliest days.

After living for 38 years (being married nearly 17 of them) today is my very first Father’s Day. On the 27th of January little Coleman became a part of my life. I can, without any doubt or the least bit of reservation say that, other than my faith, and my marriage to Kolette, his birth is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.

Last night, as I laid in my bed thinking about this first Father’s Day of mine, I began to reflect on my own father and the impact he’s had on my life.

Throughout my entire life I have always only had one hero; and that has been my dad.

He is the ultimate motivator. He believes in you no matter what. Even if you’re unsure your ready to believe in yourself–he believes in you. He’s the ultimate optimist. He never sees the glass half empty. In fact I believe that if you were to show him a glass with just a little condensation inside he would find a way to tell you that it’s half-full, and do it with such passion that at the end of the conversation you’d be sure that he was right.

He loves people, and because he does, people love him. There’s some people in this world that others just take to. They just have a certain way about them. People who meet my dad love him–I’m not even sure they can always tell you why, but they do love him.

He’s a man with conviction, who is rich in spirituality, and carries with him a deep love for his Savior.

As I reflected on all the ways that my dad has been there for me and influenced who I am, I began to have and increased desire to have that same kind of influence and provide the same kind of safety to Coleman.

I don’t know I have it in me. I have enormous shoes to fill. I don’t know if I can be the same kind of man that my dad is. But, I’m not sure it matters.

Because, what I do know is this. I want to follow my dad’s example. I want to give everything I have to my son. I want to inspire him for good. I want to motivate him to be his best, and I want to believe in him even when he might not believe in himself.

grandpa hall

Grandpa Hall

At the end of the night what I realized, is that Coleman is a very lucky boy. Not so much because of the father he ended up with. But for the example his grandfather set for his  father.

I love you Coleman. Everything I have is yours. Thanks for making June 21st 2009 a day I will never forget.


Me & My Boy

Me & My Boy