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Best Valentine’s Day Ever

February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!!

Today is an interesting Valentine’s Day for me. As I think about this Valentine’s Day I believe I received the finest Valentine’s Day present of my life–I just received it three weeks early.

You see, this weekend is the weekend Coleman was to be born. Because we did IVF we were extremely confident in the due date. I mean our chart had the exact minute Coleman was conceived. Therefore, although we knew there could be some surprises in the days before, or the days that followed our due date, we never in our wildest dreams would have guessed him to come three weeks early.


Cole Hall: Two Minutes Old

But, he did, and now that he’s here I can’t imagine my life without him. I can’t imagine the last three weeks without the color and excitement he’s brought to my life. I can’t imagine my existence without him in it.

Traditionally, I’m a person who likes traditions. I don’t like knowing what I’m getting for Christmas, I don’t like just getting money for my birthday, and I don’t like getting gifts early. But this case is different. I count every day of the last three weeks as a gift itself. In their own way every smile (you can say they’re just gas, but I know they’re smiles), every coo, every kiss and every cry, have been the most precious presents I have ever received.

Then, this morning to sweeten the deal, Kolette and Cole gave me a second gift to remind me of the first. I’ve placed it below. It now sits in my office, on my desk, as a constant reminder of the finest Valentine’s Day I ever experienced–the Valentine’s Day of January 27, 2009.


And for your reading (and visual) pleasure, here’s a little something from the most popular guy on the web….

A Coleman Valentine

A Coleman Valentine

I was due tomorrow but decided to come three weeks early and wanted to wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love,  Cole