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I’m Not Chicken, I’m Just Yella!

January 30, 2009
Coleman Under The Lights

Coleman Under The Lights

As Coleman works his way through his little life there will be times on playgrounds when he’ll run into bullies. Often those bullies will simply use their words, trying to taunt Cole into doing things he otherwise would not have done.

This is a lesson he’s learning early in his life. Just this morning the doctor came in to let us know that last night in the nursery, the other kids were starting to call Coleman “yellow.”  He was getting a little jaundiced and had a bilirubin score of 15.

Now your average kid would take being called yellow as an insult; a question of their courage. But not The Cole Man! The buzz around the postpartum wing is that Cole sat up, looked the other babies in their semi-opened eyes and said, “Hey! I’m not chicken, I’m just yella!” (or at least that’s the way we heard it).

The doctors and nurses were so proud of his fine example that they are going to let him stay an extra day under the lights at the hospital nursery. I always hoped I’d have a son who someday got to “play under the lights” I just never expected it this early.  We’re so proud of him!